At South Chesapeake Psychiatry we believe that all forms of treatment that may benefit a patient should be used, but that they should be used appropriately and within standards of care, best use and other guidelines. Therefore, we believe in the use of Cannabis as a treatment for Mental Health symptoms when it is appropriate.

Amanda and I are also both registered with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy to authorize certificates for Cannabis, which we provide, along with a “how to” in order to register with the Virginia Board of Pharmacy and get your Cannabis card.

We do not actually prescribe Cannabis, CBD or any other Cannabinoid product as that is all done at the dispensary. We only offer what is necessary to get you into the dispensary at which point the dispensary staff will offer suggestions/solutions and do the actual prescribing.

Hampton Roads has 2 dispensaries. One is called Columbia Care, located in Portsmouth and their website is – The other is called Cannabis, located in Virginia Beach and their website is –

Once you receive your card and are registered at either of the dispensaries you can also order from G-Leaf in Richmond where they will deliver directly to you. Their website is –

For more detailed or specific information about Cannabis in Virginia please visit –